As far back as she can remember, Hiroe Hirano has had issues with her complexion, and as a teen she turned to makeup in order to conceal it. While attending university in Tokyo, she was drawn to a renowned beauty therapist she had seen on TV who specialized in rehabilitation makeup. Hiroe would soon find herself training alongside her and using these techniques, along with psychological care, while volunteering at various hospitals, nursing homes and hospices. The makeup sessions would provide not just a physical change to those clients, but more importantly, a positive mental one. In her own way she could empathize with them as she struggled with her own sense of self-esteem. Hiroe had found her calling in the beauty world, one with a focus dedicated to helping individuals love themselves both inside and out.

It is estimated that Hiroe has personally advised nearly 140,000 women during her career whether it’s teaching makeup, through her writing, providing counseling, speaking at events, or acting as a beauty therapist. Even still, she wants to be of even more service to women and had long thought of distilling her knowledge into a product. The serendipitous moment came when she was introduced to a then recent discovery, a natural human-type ceramide that was extracted from the centuries old Japanese tradition of making soy sauce. This world’s first ceramide had been scientifically proven to have greater efficacy than any other available.

This was it. This is the ingredient that would become the foundation of her first product. Over several months, she worked with scientists to create a serum that would not only significantly improve her own skin’s condition, but be beneficial for both women and men alike. Ceraple had been born.

Over the past several years since its debut, Ceraple has built up a loyal following and is now sold in one of the most prestigious department stores and select shops in Japan. Hiroe believes it’s now time to share this Japanese secret and introduce it to the US and beyond. She has now dedicated herself to developing products where Japanese tradition meets scientific craftsmanship.